Our lounge room was quite bare for some time, and having the urge to start a labour of love, I had decided upon two large cabinets to accompany the lead light glass windows.

Working within a tight budget from a previous renovation, it was apparent that customised furniture was out of the question. After some years of searching auctions for the perfect cabinets, I finally found them at a local furniture auction.

These two reproduction elevated bookcases in mahogany, nicely varnished, were the exact size and style I was looking for!


But the colour wasn’t…



I began the arduous task of sanding back the thick varnish, optimistic that this job would be finished within a week… a month had gone by and I was still sanding.



This labour of love was becoming more of a labour than a love. Once the shiny varnished had vanished, the rich red of the mahogany shown through, and the love began to grow.
Add the chalk emulsion paint (two coats) a good massage of wax over the paint, and the finish I desired came through.



I added wallpaper panels on the back of the top section and two recessed LED lights on top of the bookcases, changing the timber shelves to glass created a diffused light through the shelves.



The concept was drawn 3 years ago as a motivation “tool” and to get it out of my head, so that I would find these bookcases!


And voila, we now have extra storage and an incentive to collect more items… which could prove dangerous.


The roman blind was custom made so was the cushion on the window seat, the chairs upholstered by Anne Resplendino Interiors, we specialise in custom made soft furnishing, curtains and blinds, custom made lighting.

Timber bookcase colour: RUBBLE by Porter’s Paints
Wallpaper: LYREBIRD by Catherine Martin from Porter’s Paints (2011)

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