Weekend Project

We can definitely say that winter is behind us; the lovely pink and white magnolias are looking stunningly radiant at the moment!

With this gorgeous weather I decided to revive and modernise the old rattan chair and sofa we’ve had for over 20 years.

I feel too sad to part with my old furniture, I think I’m going through the recycle and don’t throw away faze, not sure how long it will last!

With the pale look and rather worn out style of furniture, I decided to spray it up! A fun weekend project!



A light coat of spray paint to start with.


Arming myself with sand papers, I got to the task of removing and sanding the top varnish before applying the new colour.

I chose the colour “Woodland Grey” from Dulux to match the existing dining chairs and the old sewing machine table with the beautiful Calacatta marble top.

This is a fun weekend project to do outdoors on a non windy day, two coats of paint were applied. The paint dries nice and quick and a top coat can be sprayed after an hour.

For under $100 we have a “new” setting on the verandah ready for a vino on the weekend!


Ready for a game of Pétanque.