Sourcing furniture, selecting accessories and embellishing windows with exquisite fabrics is an important part of creating a beautiful living space. However, an integral part of the design process that we often overlook is the importance of art and the placement of art to create that magical space.

betty_club_mbtjana Art from The Artery art by Betty Club Mbijtana, Title: Bush Melon Dreaming

Art for your interiors

The process of sourcing art for your interior can be quite daunting. For myself, the selection of art is a very personal journey and a process that I am physically involved in. To view a beautiful painting in a gallery or any open space, instead of a computer screen is an absolute must. A painting should “speak” to you. The longer you look at it, the more interesting it becomes, and in turn, the more importance it has.

ari_16sbs Photo Anne Resplendino | Sculpture By the Sea 2016 | Cave Urban, title: The Golden Hour

Size matters

Size really does matter! You’ve selected the lounge, dining tables, and dresser, and measured the space where the piece of furniture will best-fit. Sourcing art is much the same, the size of your artwork is as important as selecting the size of the furniture. Contemporary art is best displayed as a large piece on one wall, it has a great impact and creates the mood. Art placed above dresser; mantelpieces should be a third shorter on either side of the length of the furniture. Smaller framed artworks can be displayed together, while different sizes of arts can tell a story, or have a theme that connects it all together. Art can replace a piece of furniture within the space with the right colour and texture to add to your style of interior.

elled Photo source from Elle Decor | Design by Thad Hayes | Photo: William Waldron

To collect or not to collect

Collecting art is a very personal passion and more often than not, is a long-term investment that is continuously nurtured. People collect art that speaks to them; whether it be a particular style of art, an era or an artist, the collection of art is a very personal undertaking.

Where to start

For a fun summer outing, check out the Arcadian Artists. This is a group of local artists residing in the Hills Districts of Sydney who open their studios for a weekend, every year in November. This is a great way to source artwork for your home and support local artists. The Arcadian Artist Exhibition and Art Trail is coming up on 12 and 13th of November.

Also, check your local art exhibitions or art shows organised in your municipality, these events are held yearly and are a great way to view different styles and meet the artists.

art_bank1 Art from ARTBANK | Artist Jemima WYMAN

Artwork for hire

For those on a budget but still desire some new found character for their walls, a wonderful option is to lease artwork. A site I recommend is ART BANK; it is a service that sources art from living Australian contemporary artists. ART BANK has an extensive collection to choose from, and the hire fee goes to support the artist.

From ART lover….Anne Resplendino