The Brief – Our clients, a professional couple asked us to design their formal lounge and dining space.

The house is set in a leafy suburb of Sydney and has a well-designed layout with separate areas to cater for a large family. Two of the larger spaces in the house had been overlooked; the formal living and dining rooms were old and dated with bland colour schemes.


The rooms had great potential to become what the client had in mind for a modern yet elegant formal style.
On our first meeting with the client, the brief was established with specific requirements.
The client showed us a photo of the lounge room set in a Danish Palace; they very much liked the feel of the room, fresh, uplifting, formal and blue!


Having a photo of an existing space helps conceptualise a clearer vision of what the client is wishing to accomplish. This creates a common “language” for which a better client-to-designer relationship can be achieved eventuating in smoother and faster results.

A list of specific requirements was established with the following:

• The colour blue had to be dominant especially in the lounge room.
• A rug with a luxurious feel underfoot and preferably blue!
• Seating’s had to be of utmost comfort, with back support.
• To include seating for entertaining at least 8 guests.
• A reading nook with good lighting.
• The existing bookcase, coffee table and one console table were to stay.
• The dining table had to be the star of the room.
• We had to find an extra storage solution for table wear.
• An existing buffet was to stay.
• Work with the client’s existing artworks and accessories.

The Concept – our initial concept was met with positive feedbacks.
We set out to “test” the furniture we specified with the client.
We visited showrooms, we discussed sofa lengths, back heights, timber colour stains, adjusted sofa armrest width.
For the rugs, we looked at wool strands and the selection of colour dye to achieve the desired finish.
The exact colour tone for the walls was approved.
The process was smooth and we achieved a cohesive, elegant and comfortable scheme for the two rooms.

Floor Plan Concept
Presentation of the first concept floor plan for the lounge room.

The Installation – Our team of tradesman worked to achieve a tailored interior for our clients. The task was completed with the joiner replicating and matching the design of an existing console table.
He re-stained the existing coffee table to match the two console tables.

Formal Lounge Room

The lighting specified creates that unique allure to the spaces.

Reading Nook

Soft furnishings were beautifully crafted and the two custom rugs are a work of art; just divine.

Dining Room

The painter’s finish using our colour scheme in the lounge room and the application of wallpaper in the dining looks refined.

Wing Armchair

Furniture was delivered on schedule!
The whole project took 6 months to complete.

Formal Dining Room

We completed the project with extra custom tableware for formal dining.
Our client asked us to source a discontinued Wedgwood dining set. We set out to find such and we supplied the missing pieces, to our client’s surprise!

We thrive on a project as such, and we love the satisfaction our clients get every time they walk into their beautiful elegant space.

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Photos of the newly refurbished spaces taken by Craig Bryant Photography