For a successful and efficient design result

“Interior design is the art and science of enhancing the interior of a building to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment for the people using the space.” Quote from Wikipedia

Scale elevation drawing of a laundry
Elevation drawing of a laundry, design and material selections for our Eastwood project.

I’m often asked what is it exactly that you do?

So I thought to write a post and summarise how we work with our clients. For the past 15 years, we have engaged in different scales of residential projects.

As an example, a project can be to furnish one room, do a colour selection for a home or building, or design a new bathroom. Or a combination to remodel the entire interior of a family home.

Each project is so different. This is what makes my job so interesting, plus I love the connection and trust we build with our clients.

Stage 2 | Sketching the selected lounge furniture and working with the right scale art for the wall.

How do we work with our clients?

To begin, we have a friendly chat with our prospective clients

In this conversation, I can establish a clear idea of the type of project the future client is looking for. After our friendly chat, an initial paid consultation is scheduled.

During this onsite consultation, we discuss likes and dislikes, design, style, and budget. Meeting with new clients is exciting; we start from scratch and build a brief.

We establish a brief of the project based on the ideas and solutions we discussed at the initial consultation.

“The brief” develops the base as we move through stage 1 of our process.

Stage 2| Textile selection for a lounge room and timber finishes for a custom dining table.

Stage 1 | From the brief a design agreement is compiled

Included in the design agreement is the scope of work written in details and our design fees. We review the design agreement with our client. For the project to begin, we need a signed design agreement and payment of our design fees.

Stage 2 | Is when we work on the concept.

Client’s concept ideas for a lounge, dining and balcony area

After collating most of the information during the brief we do a check measure of the space. We design a concept, which includes product samples, an image of product, concept sketch, floor layout and drawings. We submit a written specification with the approximate cost of items selected. We allow for one revision of the concept.

For our interior projects; we aim to source products/items locally but are not limited too. We create a healthy, natural and long-lasting environment.

Stage 3 | The concept design is approved

Quotations are organised and prepared for suppliers and trades. A timeline of the work is established. We proceed with orders and schedule the relevant trades. Orders are processed on the approval of the client.

Stage 2 | Client’s master bedroom concept and selection of finishes.
Stage 3 | Client’s master bedroom. Pick up of the custom made scatter cushions from the workroom

Stage 4 | Site visit and installation

What our team does to achieve a successful and efficient design result

  • We supervise our curtain installer
  • We are onsite when the furniture is delivered
  • Art and accessories are carefully presented on walls with the art installer team
  • We work with a great and trusting team of trade’s people
Our client’s custom lounge and dining space in situ.
Floral Custom Bedhead for a master bedroom
Our client’s custom master bedroom.
Our Eastwood laundry and bathroom completed project.

From a broad range of services, this is a summary of how we work with our clients to achieve a great scope of design work.

Are you ready to start your next project? Drop us an email to discuss your requirements, we would love to hear from you.