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I am Anne Resplendino an interior decorator and stylist with over 20 years of experience in the design industry

I love what I do – I absolutely love it! I immerse myself in the industry – keeping my finger on the pulse and tracking local and international trends is second nature. Combined with my background, my love of design has undoubtedly been the catalyst for the development of my own unique style of interior decoration.

I appreciate the diversity that design offers, and recognise that every client is different. My focus is very much on developing your individual style, while simultaneously ensuring functionality to create an environment that meets your living or work needs, suits your lifestyle, and reflects your individuality.

I was born and raised in Switzerland, where I first developed my love of all things visual. I’ve travelled throughout Asia, North America and Europe, and had the opportunity to live in beautiful and inspiring countries as diverse as China and Hong Kong, Canada, Switzerland and Australia. My cultural experience has very much shaped my style, and my understanding of various cultures has enabled me to embrace a diverse range of styles through my designs.

At Anne Resplendino Interiors, our goal is to deliver professional design catered to your specific needs, anywhere across Sydney.

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We can help you in many different ways

Anne Resplendino Interiors provides a wide variety of decorating services;

While our role is to focus on aesthetic presentation,

it is also fundamental that we place emphasis on ensuring your environment can be used effectively.

We offer expertise in all facets of interior design, decoration and styling.

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