Courtyard & Balcony DesignCreating usable space with exterior design

Courtyards and balconies can be wasted space in your home or office if they are not purposefully designed.

When designing courtyards and balconies, we place the same emphasis on choice of furnishings and placement for an outdoor space as we would for an indoor one. The most important factor is usability – are you after a place to relax, to entertain, or to act as an extension of your home?

We can source inclusions for an outdoor area that ensures a flowing extension from the inside to the outside. With the right inclusions we can not only develop a practical and comfortable space, but a space that is usable all year round.

We will work with you to design and maximise your space, giving your outdoor living area a new lease of life!

Design and Decorating

We can design a usable and practical environment, as well as provide you with ideas for decorating external walls, structures and windows

Products and Accessories

From pots and plants through to statues, we can advise on, and source, the right products and accessories.


You decide the atmosphere, we can advise on the right mix of lighting!

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outdoor dining area by the pool
Outdoor Dining