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Post Updated in July 2023

Some Great Gift Ideas Sourced From My Design and Decoration Black Book

Selecting presents can be arduous to gift a friend or relative, but let me help you with some of my favourite homeware and accessories.

I have created a selection of meaningful presents from unique Australian businesses. My first thought when buying a gift for a friend or relative is originality, practicality, and out-of-the-ordinary. 

My picks comprise some of my treasured accessories and homeware from suppliers I’ve long admired and sourced from; I hope this list is handy for your Christmas presents or any occasion throughout the year.

Dinosaur Designs

Branch Vase by Dinosaur Design
Branch Vase by Dinosaur Designs

Dinosaur Designs is a unique Australian brand; I love their necklaces and bold rings. This dynamic business creates organic-shaped vases and bowls made of resin; I love the colour way.

Their design is innovative and modern, and each homeware piece adds an excellent decorative element to any room.

Image from Dinosaur Designs

Maison Balzac

Glass Candle Holders Maison Balzac

Maison Balzac makes bright-coloured glass candle holders, glassware and beautiful coloured candles. The shape of their designed glassware is smooth, with fantastic ornaments, a superb present to lift any table setting.

Showing here is the Grande Pauline | Teal, Azure, Mint Glass Candle Holder

Image from Maison Balzac


Dilly Floor Cushion by Koskela
Dilly Floor Cushion by Koskela

Parts of Koskela’s design are to promote the art and craft of First Nations people. Their business strongly focuses on sustainability and social conscience; we love the range of textiles they’ve collaborated with First Nations artists.

This large floor cushion is made of a textile designed by Regina Wilson, a senior artist from the Cultural Director Durrmu Arts in the Northern Territory.

The homeware range reflects the warmth of this earth and typical patterns seen in the Australian landscape.

Image from Koskela

French Bazaar

It’s a fabulous online store I often visit; I love their Beija vinyl floor mat, which is ideal for the kitchen floor. Place it in front of your sink or stove; it protects your floor and looks chic.

French Bazaar stocks the famous Borsalino hat from the French brand Travaux En Cours, a flattering hat for a stylish summer look.

Images from French Bazaar


Missoni Home Timmy Throw


You will find the ultimate collectors gift at TOP 3 By DESIGN for the design enthusiast, from cool Danish designs to Italian woven textiles from Missoni.

A portable lamp is a perfect gift, an excellent idea for anyone landscaping their garden or moving to a new house; it can be added to a dining setting, indoor or outdoor or as a garden or balcony feature.

Images from TOP 3 By DESIGN

More Ideas From Our Picks for Your 2023 Gift List

Other places I love to source for unique gifts are gift shops in museums; I love the Museum of Contemporary Art gift store and the Art Gallery of NSW shop.

I hope my picks for your 2023 gift list are helpful when looking for a special present. Save this post when looking for that perfect present, any time of the year.

Happy shopping, and I wish you a safe and happy holiday season.

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xx Anne

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