New Build, bathroom, laundry and exterior colour

The Brief: Design a layout to incorporate a new laundry and bathroom within the same space. A new colour scheme for the exterior of the house. The time frame to design, source and specify for the project was two months.

The Client: A couple living overseas; to renovate their current home in Sydney, ready for them to move in on their return.

The Project: A Californian bungalow with a new extension to be built to the rear of the building, including a new bathroom, laundry and covered deck area.

The owner wanted direct access to the bathroom without walking through the house.

The laundry tub had to accommodate for washing the family dog. The laundry had to look neat. The space includes special storage with cabinetry to the ceiling.

The floor tiles are the focal point and tie the different spaces, from the walkway to the wet area.

A new modern exterior colour scheme for the house rendered walls, new gutters and external doors.

Project Time Frame: 2 months

Builder: Saycon Group, project construction time, six months

Photography: Archetypephoto