-    -    -    -    -  SURRY HILLS APARTMENT ONE

Short Stay Living

The Brief:  Interior Decoration & Colour Consultation | Short Stay Living | We created a bright and colourful colour selection for this short stay apartment on the top level of a Victorian Terrace in the heart of Sydney.

The Client: A homeowner living in a city Victorian Terrace

The Project: Interior Colour Selection, Bathroom Design, Window Treatment.

The brief was to select colours for the kitchen, dining room, living room, and bedroom. We designed a cosy feel for each apartment area; the chevron wallpaper above the fireplace adds depth to the living area, and we replicated the same wallpaper behind the bed for that extra luxurious touch.

We helped our client with the design and material selection for the bathroom, in keeping with the period of the home.

 Project Time Frame: 8 months from the initial meeting.

 Photography: Archetypephoto