Hospitality Project

The Brief:  Interior decoration | Hospitality | To cosy the dining space. Improving the kitchen layout and workstations for better use of the area.
Design a unique identity for this new restaurant called THE MATTERHORN SWISS RESTAURANT.
The Client: A couple, both chefs, Roland, is Swiss, and Liarne is Australian; they recently opened a Swiss restaurant on the North Shore of Sydney.
The Project: I was enlisted to add a touch of “Swissness” to the restaurant’s interior.
The Process: We suggested using white tablecloths for the dining tables, adding a crisp look, with a custom design table runner with a Swiss artisanal influence.
From that table runner theme, we custom-designed the murals depicting rural life in the Swiss Alps.
A banquette seat was custom-built to break with the repetition of the walnut dining chairs; it works beautifully with the small square dining tables.
For the entry area, we added a tall buffet. The buffet is multifunctional. It serves as storage for the wine glasses, florals display for decoration, and a workstation for the floor staff. The countertop of the buffet is used for the bread baskets and to show the freshly baked bread rolls.
We played with colours on the walls to define areas like the kitchen and the dining space. Rich brown colour walls set the kitchen apart within the open space. A charcoal colour stripe accompanies the front Swiss theme mural and the narrow strip of red and white Swiss national crosses.
Project Time Frame: 5 months from the initial meeting. The successful interior refurbishment was completed while the restaurant was trading throughout.