Pixel Forest purple

Pixel Forest

2018 has started with some colour and art inspiration taken from the exhibition at Sydney Museum of Contemporary Art Australia of the visual artist Pipilotti Rist.

Showing here is the light installation “Pixel Forest”.

It was such a joy walking through this enchanted forest of light. The glow formed by the dancing bulbs is so soothing to the mind. The light changes colour and reacts to music. It’s beautiful and is worth seeing.

Colour and light can have such a positive effect on your wellbeing. Colour in lighting can be metamorphic. Each colour of light has a wavelength that affects our psychology and physiology. In many ways, proper lighting can offer individuals a number of benefits. In work areas where natural light is unavailable, blue or cooler-coloured light has been shown to increase employee alertness and reduce eye strain. Warm and middle-coloured light tones, like yellow, are also used to create inviting, intimate or relaxing spaces. Red light, in addition, has been shown to improve memory and attention to detail.

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