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Garden, Courtyard & Balcony

Garden, Courtyard & Balcony

Maximise your outdoor space with our design expertise

Garden, courtyards and balconies can be wasted space in your home or office if they are not purposefully designed.

When designing gardens, courtyards and balconies, we place the same emphasis on selecting furnishings and design placement for an outdoor space as we would for an indoor one.

The most important factor is usability – are you after a place to relax, to entertain, or to act as an extension of your home?

We can source inclusions for an outdoor area that ensures a flowing extension from the inside to the outside. With the right inclusions, we can not only develop a practical and comfortable space but a space that is usable all year round.

LIGHTING | You decide the atmosphere, we can advise on the right mix of lighting!

We collaborate with you to plan and optimize your space, revitalising your outdoor living area!

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We help landscape architects, builders, and residential clients source furniture and accessories from our extensive network of contacts.

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