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Our tips and addresses to keep your interior looking great

Ashley Wilde Textile
Beautiful textile is shown here from Ashley Wilde Design, one of our favourite textile suppliers.

After all this rain pouring over Sydney in the last months and the lost summer we have just experienced, our homes can do with a bit of love and care.

We are so happy to see some sunshine, it’s refreshing for the soul and the garden, and it also gives us a chance to fix the roof leak at home.

What surprised me was the amount of mould starting to show on the furniture. Tiny spots of mould have appeared on the windows. The interior of our home needs a little bit of maintenance after these deluges. My shoes looked like a new collection in verdigris; this is embarrassing.

In the 24 years, we have lived in our home, we have never experienced this amount of humidity and mould.

The interior of our home needed a good spruce up. While we attend to fixing the roof leak, I have made white vinegar my go-to to fight this mould epidemic. The shoes are back to a wearable standard. I gave all my love and care to the furniture with a good wipe over, using a mixture of white vinegar and water, then wiping the surface dry and finishing with an excellent nourishing polish over each surface.

Flawless Interiors

It’s essential to attend to maintain the interior of our home. It’s healthier for us to live and breathe clean air without mould creeping into our homes. With love and care, furniture, art, rug, carpet and window furnishings will last longer.

If your interior requires a little spruce up, we’ve created a “Flawless Interiors” list to download.

This professional list is your go-to in Sydney. These businesses can help you with the right task. We have either used these businesses for our clients or our home.

Dining room set for entertainment
The dining room is set for entertaining at our Lawson Residence Project


The handy guide to looking after your interior

The list to reach for when the professionals are required,

The Art Scene is a go-to for their expertise in art framing, restoration, and touch-up restoration on paintings.; I had an oil painting restored and was most impressed by their skills.

Our long Persian hallway rug runner looked sad after many years of walking over it; the Rug Experts rejuvenated this runner like new. They repaired the rug’s edges;  gave it a good wash without losing any of its colours; what a great job restoring our Persian rug. 

Most upholstered furniture can be steam cleaned, bearing a new lease of life, and the same goes for sheer curtains and drapes.

Our philosophy is to design timeless interiors. Looking after your interior is precious so you can enjoy being at home.

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