Herman Miller

The Office, working from home – Not the television series I might add but a peek at our office.

7 years ago I transformed this small room where I could be working from home.

It’s a space that had to be well organised as we are two people sharing the office. Good natural light is a principal key for me to function positively.

I’ve utilised the side wall as a space to display my creative mood boards and to efficiently reach all the important day-to-day paperwork. The other small cork boards are there to pin the concepts and finishes of new projects I’m working on.


The Office. Tips to create and select finishes for your workspace;

Keep it simple in the office; use natural tones and colour for a fresh and invigorating area to work in.
Select materials that are soft to touch, your desk should also be comfortable to use.

Storage space is an important part of designing your office at home.
Having all stationery and filing system near your desk will save you time when reaching for documents.
Keep only the day to day items on your desk.

Office Chair
For those long hours sitting in your office chair go for the best. We love adjustable seat heights, breathable fabric and elegant colours like the Setu chair from Herman Miller.

Setu Chair


Concept Ideas of Materials and Finishes for the Office Space.

Office Concept Idea via Herman Miller

A well organised small space should make life easy when working from home.

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