New Exterior Colour scheme for a residential home by Anne Resplendino Interiors

How colour can improve your street frontage presence

A facelift for your home, how colour can improve your street frontage presence.

We were asked to change the colour scheme of this beautiful family home in a leafy suburb of Sydney.
While the home had an extension being built at the rear; the owner decided to do some cosmetic enhancement to the front of the house.
Our clients decided to change the garage doors from two doors to one large garage door.
A great decision, the large singular door adds the right proportion to the house.


We created a soft grey palette for the walls, giving it a fresher look and softening tones that fit nicely within the Australian garden landscape.
Deep Charcoal hues where added for the architectural lines to define the scale of the house.


For the new extension at the rear, we duplicated the colour scheme from the front.
We subsided the charcoal tones to softer grey and white themes for a fresh and cool design that will feel comfortable whatever weather will be.


On selecting a colour palette we are always inspired by nature.
We take into consideration the environment the exterior or interior of the house is set in.
Infusing a mood and playing with scale is always fun with colours!


Does your house need a freshen up? Please get in touch for an exterior colour consultation.

Photography by Archetypephoto and Anne Resplendino

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