Painted Side Table in Lounge room designed by Anne Resplendino Interiors
Learn how to revamp an existing piece of furniture and bring new energy into a room.

With COVID restricting us to our homes, I have been exploring new ways of energising my interiors.

One such way is revamping outdated furniture. The subject of this project is an existing timber side table.

Original Timber Side Table

Staple pieces of any interior make for excellent subjects to transform. Such pieces include chairs, dressers, side tables, desks, and bookshelves.

You can create a new style to match an existing interior, add a splash of colour to create a feature, or simply repair a dated piece of furniture to give it more life.

In this example, I chose to revamp a side table because it was in need of some love. I was also curious to see the before and after—old pieces of furniture yield the most exciting results.

Preparation and Process

For this side table revamp, I painted it so it would blend in the decor of this lounge room. This is a room where I love to come and read, research for a concept or have a quick lunch on the window seat, it’s a quiet space, listening to music is the only distraction allowed.

Check Our Video Tutorial 

In this video, I go into details about the steps needed, in order to achieve a softer look for this round timber side table.

The steps to follow are: 

  • Sand the piece of furniture to remove old paint and gloss surfaces
  • I start with a 180 coarse sandpaper then finish with a 240 fine sandpaper
  • Remove all dust by wiping it down with a damp cloth
  • Next, apply a minimum of two coats of Chalk Emulsion paint. For the tabletop, I applied 3 coats to have the desired fullness of the colour
  • Once the paint has dried, I start working on the decorative details, starting with one leg at a time
  • Apply the clear wax
  • Use Rub’n’buff like “Grecian Gold” to detail the edge of the legs only, Apply the decorative metallic finish using a paint stroke movement
  • Let it dry for an hour and apply the antique wax over the detailed gold area
  • The clear wax is applied over the middle of the tabletop
  • Buff the table with a soft cloth to create this smooth, tactile patina

Tall bookcases in the lounge room

Back in 2015 I painted a pair of tall bookcases, they are part of this lounge room.

Now, 5 years on and the tall bookcases look as good as when I painted them.

We used the following products:

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