Toddlers Bedroom | Two Rooms Two Different Designs

Children's bedroom wall horizontal stripes blue and white
Navy Blue and White Horizontal Stripes for a Bold Look

Children’s Bedroom Ideas. We recently completed two different Kid’s bedrooms for a complete residential project

The first bedroom was for a 4-year-old boy and the second for his 2-year-old brother. The concept idea was to create two very different styles of rooms but with equal play, learning and rest spaces.

When designing kid’s rooms we like to create a cocoon effect. The following are the essentials we incorporate into our design.

  • A safe environment for the child to stay on his own in his room
  • Books are an important part of the concept. An easy reach to books and a nook or a fun seat to read is part of the design.
  • We include a small desk for craft making
  • A comfortable bed for a good night’s sleep
  • Colour and patterns that show the child’s personality
concept board for a child's bedroom
Young Child’s Bedroom Concept

Children’s Bedroom Ideas | Design I

With the use of paint, we designed a set of large horizontal stripes along two walls. This creates a focal point for the bed, it’s bold, and the colour blue brings crisp contrast to the cool white. On a small section of the wall, we installed three long ledges for books. It’s a good way to see the cover of all your favourite books.

Children's bedroom with books displayed on wall.
Books are displayed with the covers facing the room for easy reach.

The tepee is there for some fun play or to quietly read a book. The bright orange swivel chair is part of the reading nook. The desk and bench are perfect for some creative crafts or drawings.
On the wall, we added stickers that represent the child’s favourite toys, here it’s the Duplo blocks. The wall stickers are removable and easy to peel and replace to create a different configuration.

Children’s Bedroom Ideas | Design II

Concept Moodboard Children's bedroom
Concept bedroom for a toddler

We specified a geometrical wallpaper to create that sense of cocoon. The bed with its soft curves fits nicely within the colourful walls. A vertical library matching the bed design is ready to display the child’s favourite books and toys.

Geometric Wallpaper on Children bedroom wall
Geometrical Wallpaper and Snuggly Bed are a perfect match for a toddler’s room

We specified the same desk and bench as in the first child’s bedroom.
This combo desk and bench are so versatile; the height is adjustable as the child grows up. The wall stickers represent a Jungle Theme, it’s fun and mischievous for our 2-year-old client.

Wallstickers Jungle theme in Children's bedroom
A Fun Jungle theme adds a character between the desk and the vertical library.
Applying the JUNGLE STICKERS to the bedroom wall

Bold, Snuggly, Colourful, Themed Bedrooms for Kids

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