Teenage Bedroom

We were asked to design and create a BEACH THEME bedroom with a defined style for a 15 years old girl.

We are not 15 years old forever, so why not create the bedroom you wish to have!




Before we started on the scheme, the bedroom walls were painted in the deepest purple and burgundy colours… we were gasping for air!

To create A Teenager’s Bedroom with a Defined Style we started our design with the selection of the right colour for the walls.

We introduced the “aqua” blue and “fresh cool” white colours. Instead of looking for a striking wallpaper for the walls we got creative with paint.

A set of large stripes painted on one wall gave an illusion of a relaxed coastal feel. The other large wall of the bedroom was painted in plain aqua blue. The idea was for the rustic timber bedhead to stands out from the overall aqua blue wall which I think is perfect!

Our original concept had the set of stripes running on the ceiling. We loved this idea! The feel of the room would’ve been like living under a big tent. Time constraint from the client’s painter disagreed with this idea, however, we kept the ceiling fresh in a plain cool white.
We added a funky pendant light which drops down from the ceiling. Two elegant wall lights frame the rustic timber bedhead.

We got the thumbs up from our client; in other words, this bedroom goal had a defined style, we agree with the BEACH THEME, it works so well for this space.



Custom cabinetry was designed for more storage. We added some lovely crystal colour knobs for the drawer pulls.


The bedlinen complete this bedroom with a splash of vibrant colours. The bedroom has such a lovely feel. It’s a perfect space for a teenager to relax, and feel on a holiday by the ocean all year round.


KIDS & TEENAGERS…..defined style and space

We love designing kids and teenager’s bedroom. Creating a defined style certainly helps any kids growing up confidently.

We can custom and source furniture, textile and colour to create a unique space for boys and girls.

Read on what we have designed for our younger clients.

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