It’s a Jungle Out There! Ready to uplift your mood!
This year sees a revival of bold and beautiful wallpapers.
It’s so exciting to discover these new designs when visiting textile and wallcovering showrooms.
A post on wallpaper has been overdue, this is a selection of my favourite designs which I just had to share.
Take a look and get inspired on how you can transform a space from ordinary to luxurious.
From jungle forest to exotic flowers, monkeys hanging from vines to parrots showing their true colours; the themes to uplift a room and our mood are endless!

ARI_ARPÈGEGlamora Arpege | A stunning design with organic graphics and overlapping broad leaves creating a dramatic effect. Glamora Creative Wallcoverings

ARI_ArcadiaCuriosa Arcadia from Arte International | A world of parrots with soft tones, this wallpaper has the most beautiful texture finish giving it a luxurious feel.

ARI_langurCuriosa Langur | Living in the eternal forest, how rich and charming is this wallpaper, it could adorn the most formal living space, we do love mixing a formal element and quirkiness together. Arte International

ARI_BotanyBotany | One of my favourite, a subtle design of trees, how refined and elegant is this botany themed wallpaper. Arte International

ARI_glamourGlamour | What about a pop of fun on the wall, stunning colour for this flower which looks like it’s dancing to the breeze. Glamora Creative Wallcoverings

ARI_collioureCollioure | A large-scale design of pots with soft tones. A soothing and calming effect for this space. This is an uplifting refined style. Nina Campbell

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