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Our Inspirational colour selection for the year ahead

For the love of colour, choosing colours for our interior is endless.

We feel inspired to see that colour is back into our interiors, bringing a sense of life, cosiness, and belonging; all these positive feelings help us go through our daily lives.

Colour influences our well-being, and I love how we can define a space with colour and personalise our client’s home and interior with the right balance.

In this post, we share what inspires us, what has caught our eyes and what we have collated during the last few months when we attended trade shows and design events.

Oversized Diva Chair by Grazia & Co

The muted colour palette of this walkway makes this interior so soothing. The sage colour carpet marries so well with the soft pinks of the drapes and chair; the timber joinery brings an extra layer of warmth.

We tend to gravitate toward a colour that we feel safe and know will work with another room element.
Sometimes it’s worth pushing the boundaries to deeper tones or hues we never considered introducing. The element of surprise makes a room interesting; deep down, we are open to adding colours to our homes, but we often are too afraid or unsure where to start.

Proto Chair by SeehoSu

We love the soft blush colour in upholstery; like on this elegantly shaped occasional chair, this pink hue brings an absolute calmness when introduced to a sofa or chair.

Paint Colours

Dulux colour forecast for 2022-2023

Dulux has named their palettes FLOURISH, RESTORE & WONDER.

FLOURISH is the palette we love the most from this year’s Dulux colour forecast; it’s bold and moody with earthy colours, making this room very mysterious with some good vibes added.

We are taking inspiration from nature. Eucalyptus and gumnuts have the most attractive colours; adding a touch of green can transform a room from a dull space to a cozy nook.
Beautiful linen with eucalyptus leaves would look stunning as drapery. Resene colour selection – SEAWEED – PUTTY – SPANISH GREEN – BLACK FOREST

Greens and Yellows the Happy Feel

Mont-Royal Wallpaper by Arte International

An enchanting garden, this beautiful wallpaper would transform any room. It would be perfect in a space with no interesting outside views. It is instantly transporting you to a secret garden.

View the short video about our Melbourne trip last July, where we visited suppliers’ showrooms and trade shows.

Are you thinking of changing the colour of your home or a room? Why not GET IN TOUCH with us for a colour selection to enhance your life and home?

xx Anne

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