Motorised roller blinds are the best option to go for uninterrupted views

Sometimes in the decorative world of window dressing, less is best! Some windows need that extra bit of textured fabric and a beautiful print to make them stand out, curtains and blinds can be an essential part of designing and creating a beautiful room.

Here we have an open plan lounge and dining space with a lovely view over a tranquil landscaped garden. The decision making of what kind of window covering was required happened during the renovation process. A step so important and too often overlooked. To optimise the view, roller blinds were the best option to go with, space is kept uninterrupted with the roller blinds which are concealed in a special recess headboard. Each blind has an inbuilt motor wired to electric cables and is controlled with remote control.


The blinds can be operated individually or linked together as shown in the video here.


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