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From our initial space concept, we worked to create an identity for the Matterhorn Swiss Restaurant.

The restaurant opened its doors in 2020, we were asked to come up with a design and decorating idea to add warmth and character to the space.

Our focus was to establish an identity for the interior, we called attention to the origin of the name “THE MATTERHORN“.

The Matterhorn is an iconic showpiece of a mountain peak in the Swiss Alps, a defined starting point to our design.

Dreaming of life in the Swiss Alps, we would love to be surrounded by such beautiful scenery.

Rich custodial traditions that are entwined with the Alps gave us plenty of viewpoints for the design. These traditions are connected to farm animals, food, music, the fall of winter and the rise of summer.

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Researching Custom Traditions

One of the folk traditions coming from Switzerland is the art of decoupage or paper cutting.

An intricate design depicting life in the Alps. The many scenes represent the cows in the lush pasture, children playing, and the love of nature, like trees, mountain peaks, hills and trails.

These scenes certainly include the iconic Swiss chalet!

The decoupage design was part of our concept presentation to the client. We suggested designing our own theme made especially for the restaurant. The unique custom design can be seen on two wall murals and table runners in the restaurant.

Initial Concept Idea

The Restaurant Identity | Video


Creating the feel for the interior

We introduce dark moody colours on the wall to define the kitchen area, however, the walls of the dining space are a fresh neutral white, the contrast of colours for the interior adds warmth and create a cosy feel.

The collection of vintage oil paintings “HARVEST TO TABLE” is sourced locally, so are the old cuckoo clocks. The mix of vintage art and accessories adds interest to the space.

We thought it important to show Australian countryside landscape arts. As the products in the restaurant are sourced locally to make beautiful Swiss dishes.

The traditional Swiss folk art of paper cutting or silhouette celebrates the life in the Swiss Alps.

Each design captures the seasonal rituals of animals in pastures, cheese making and the life around the Swiss chalet. 

The intricate paper cuttings reflect the love of order and reliability; of family and community; its discipline as well as its warm-hearted nostalgia.

The design inspiration for the Matterhorn restaurant comes from the artwork “Alp leben” (Life in the Alp) of the artist Ueli Hauswirth.

My Switzerland

The Feel of the Space | Video


The design elements marrying beautifully with great food

When walking into the restaurant, you know you are stepping into a European setting, we love the overall feel, a little taste of Switzerland in the city of Sydney.

A good collaboration with our clients has enabled us to deliver a unique interior.

We sourced our interior products locally. We love upcycling furniture and vintage arts; they add a well-grounded feel to a space.

The flambee crêpe Suzette for dessert is highly recommended; we were lucky enough to enjoy it!

Food and Decor | Video

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