Trace Collection by Tait.

Living Outdoors

Today’s outdoor fabrics come in a great array of colours, textures and patterns. We thought to make a review on the latest outdoor textile that have caught our eyes.

Every year, we see new improved technology for this type of textile. Outdoor fabrics used to fade easily, peel, get mouldy and stain to no return of its original look.

Welcome to Spring 2020!

Outdoor Fabric St Tropez

St Tropez is the new outdoor fabric collection for this year, I absolutely love this range with a gorgeous colour selection. 

St Tropez is highly UV resistant and has a stain repellent treatment. It sure will spruce any outdoor settings.

Coast Collection

Outdoor seating
Casual seating outdoor

Even though It’s not recommended to leave your colourful cushions outside all year long, with care and good habits it will last you a long time.

Soon textile will be named as “transitional textiles” instead of just outdoor fabrics. Making use for outdoor as well as for indoor.

Specifying for indoor use is a great solution for families and also making pet-friendly space, the fabric is so easy to wipe clean and has that extra heavy resistance for wear and tear.

Custom Seat and Cushions
Custom Seat and Cushions

The improved manufacturing of synthetic fibres, like olefin, create a textile close to a feel of cotton or strong linen weave, making them perfect for indoor as for outdoor.
Olefin is polyethylene or a polypropylene types of engineered plastics.
The finish of these textiles are so beautiful, we can now see velvet, linen or cotton style.

The new collections of our favourite suppliers are superb and worth considering for your outdoor space.

Deep blue and white textile
Deep blue and white textile

Deep blue colour selection from The textile and Design Studio, Coast Collection. These textiles work so nicely together, it will spruce any outdoor space for sure!

Outdoor Velvet

Mokum South Beach Stripes Outdoor
Mokum South Beach Stripes Outdoor
Trace Collection by Tait.
Trace Collection by Tait.

This collection by Mokum and in collaboration with Tait. has created the most luxurious outdoor velvet. The feel is so soft and the colourways resonate with the Australian landscape. We were lucky to discover this rich palette at the launch of this collection in 2019.

The Sophisticated Look

Photo from Zimmer + Rohde
Libeccio Fabric by Zimmer + Rohde

This fabric has a stunning knitted look. Libeccio is suitable for indoor and outdoor and has a soft and very supple feel. Here it is shown as the upholstered sofa, adding a real richness to the room. Libeccio is from the Wonderland collection by Zimmer + Rohde.

Outdoor Wrought Iron bench
Outdoor Wrought Iron bench

From our post Summer is all about the Outdoors you will find more outdoor fabrics. A collection of fabrics we have loved specifying and still look good as the years have gone by.

How can we help to get your project started? Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your interior ideas and dilemmas.

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