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We dive into our top tips for your balcony and small courtyard

I love creating and styling outdoor spaces for our clients; whether small or large, I think of them as an extension of our interior.

How to style a small outdoor space: Think about how you’ll spend your time in your outdoor space. Whether entertaining guests or being alone with a book or a breakfast nook for two.
A spot where you can admire the garden and the sun rising would make a good start for a bright, energetic day.

Stepping outside from your interior can have a relaxing feel.

For me, it’s like travelling, either a long or short vacation, going on a country trip, and seeing beautiful landscapes; it grounds you.

Nature helps you reassess your decision and clear your thoughts.
So, having an outdoor space allocated to unwind is essential, and it doesn’t have to be grand!

How To Select Furniture for Small Outdoor Spaces

SMALL OUTDOOR SPACES | Style your table with succulent plants.

Small dining tables, round or square-shaped, are the way to go for tight spaces.
A small table is versatile and great for styling, dressing the table up for a romantic dinner or adding a beautiful mix of colourful plants. At the moment, I love miniature succulent plants set in an earthware planter pot. Low-maintenance, succulent plants add a lovely green outlook from the inside out.

Invest in comfortable dining chairs so you can sit for a more extended period and spend an hour or two reading a book.
Select stackable dining chairs, easy to store away when not in use.

Combining a set of bench seats or comfortable ottomans with a rectangular table makes good use of small spaces. Pull the benches from the table when guests drop by for a coffee. Then, slide the bench seats back under the table for a clean, unobstructed look.

The eclectic look is my favourite way to style a small space. Selecting different furniture styles adds a fun and playful mix to any attractive outdoor setting. My rule is as long as everyone sits at the same height.


The best materials to look for when selecting outdoor furniture


We love the way rope has been used in such a clever way for chairs, whether it’s a dining chair or a sun chair. The colour and woven techniques of the rope, often with two tones to add depth, make it such a modern, clean look; I find it so innovative.

The rope material is made of thermoplastic polypropylene fibres. It’s made to endure extreme outdoor conditions, like sunlight, UV exposure, extreme temperature, mould and mildew and the best part is its low maintenance.

We see a great range of colours used for dining chairs and tables, creating a focal point in any outdoor setting; often, the design is minimalist and sleek. Rust-resistant aluminium is a popular material used for outdoor furniture. Dye-cast Aluminium chairs are sturdier and will not fly away when the southerly wind blows over the balcony.

I can go past TEAK of all the timber used to make outdoor furniture. It’s a hardwood with a close grain. Its origin from Asia, this intense timber weather nicely to a grey patina and requires minimum maintenance. It has the longevity that no other timber has for outdoor furniture.

Style Your Small Outdoor Space so You Can Use it Every Month of the Year

Are you after ideas on how to improve your outdoor space? We constantly develop bright solutions to uplift any living area, whether we work on designing your interior or exterior living haven.

With access to our extensive range of suppliers, we can help you design a unique and personalised space.

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