Floral arrangement by Jane Guthleben

I  believe that art is an important part of finishing a room. 

Selecting art for my clients can be daunting and is a very personalised styling choice. However, selecting contemporary art based on the interior style can be a start. Colour has such an important feel to me. The subject is something that I will look over and over again to resonate positively with my mood.

Artist Jasmine Mansbridge, Diamonds on My Mind | Curatorial + Co Gallery

Jasmine’s geometrical shapes tell a story. The colours she uses are intense and bold!

Selecting art in the concept stage.

Lately, in the sweep of Australian art, we see a surge of galleries, fairs and shows. Galleries exhibiting wonderful artists. Diverse skills in media from oil painting to collage to drawings and more bring an eclectic mix of styles.

I’ve selected a series of artists that are unique in their style which I love. In addition, I recently visited Sydney Contemporary art fair; where the top art galleries exhibited for over 4 days. This contemporary art fair targets art collectors. However, for the non-collector that I am, it’s a great way to wander through.

I love to discover a diverse range of art on display. You can meet the artists and have a better understanding of their work. Above all, it’s a great introduction to the world of contemporary arts.”

Artist Jane Guthleben, exuberant arrangement | M.Contemporary Gallery
Artist Sally McKay, Dentelle Bleuet | M.Contemporary Gallery

Sally McKay’s lacework is so precise. On a closer view, you discover an army of gadgets.

Artist Kate Banazi, Intersection, Sculpture | Curatorial + Co Gallery

“Intersection” is an acrylic sculpture. The colours filter through and bounce off walls, creating the most interesting shadows.

Aggregation by Chun Kwang Young
Artist Chun Kwang Young, Aggregation 13 | Sundaram Tagore Gallery

Korean artist Chun Kwang Young creates sculptures and paintings. The “Aggregation” work is made of triangular forms wrapped in antique mulberry paper, often tinted with teas or pigment.

Upcoming Art fairs not to be missed in October/November 2019

  • THE OTHER ART FAIR, 24-27 October at The Cutaway, Barangaroo, Sydney. A great fair to discover emerging artists.
  • THE ARCADIAN ARTISTS, 9-10 November, Sydney Hills District. This Art trail is on every year, with high-quality art made by local artists.
  • DESIGN CANBERRA FESTIVAL, 4-24 November, Canberra. A celebration of all things design during the month of November.

In conclusion to our “Choosing Contemporary Art” post, please take a look at our projects with some great artworks we’ve selected for our client’s home.

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