Custom bedhead with bedside table

Guest Bedroom

Designing a soothing and relaxing environment for this luxurious guest bedroom

The Project

We designed a calming, luxurious feel guest bedroom for one of our clients. The brief included creating a soothing and relaxing feel with a soft colour palette.

The Brief

A new wardrobe had been ordered to make way for better storage. The room was in perfect condition, but the colour of the walls desperately needed an update, as well as the ceiling. Natural light could be improved in the room; we suggested adding a blockout roller blind recessed in the window architrave so as not to intrude in the room. A custom soft sheer curtain fixed to the wall above the window would add a sense of opulence. The lightness of the fabric enhances the soothing feel of the room. The wooden floor was to be kept.

The Concept

The walls were painted in Dulux’s “Gentle Calm Quarter” for an appealing, gentle feel.

We custom-made the bedhead with a straight edge shape and upholstered in a floral textile. The burst of purple, yellow and orange fabric adds a happy life to the room.

The bedside tables have a contemporary style with silver-leafed drawers, and onyx drawer pulls. We teamed the tables with two alabaster and brass table lamps, adding that touch of luxurious feel to this guest bedroom.

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